• Introducing VwS H1Z1 465

    Introducing VwS H1Z1

    VwS Gaming is proud to announce our re-entry into competitive H1Z1, this time being with a fully composed team of five.

    Sun 26th Feb 2017 - 10:35pmRead More
  • Release of VwS CS:GO 245

    Release of VwS CS:GO

    We're extremely saddened to announce the release of our Lithuanian CS:GO team heading into 2017.

    Thu 5th Jan 2017 - 7:11pmRead More
  • Professor Pro's Departure from VwS 157

    Professor Pro's Departure…

    Today marks the end of an era, as the oldest continual sponsorship in Super Smash Bros Melee comes to an end. Aaron ‘Professor Pro’ Thomas is set to depart VwS Gaming today...

    Tue 3rd Jan 2017 - 7:36pmRead More
  • Rise of Professor Pro - UGC Smash Open 177

    Rise of Professor Pro…

    This past weekend saw the world's top Smash players at quite an unfamiliar location, which was a UGC Open event. Known for their console tournaments on Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War, UGC was now open for the world's…

    Fri 9th Dec 2016 - 9:46pmRead More
  • Welcome Pounh to #VwSCSGO: Starladder Minor Discussion 193

    Welcome Pounh to #VwSCSGO:…

    After the departure of Kreuw, the team has been doing surprisingly well with the help of a new player going by Pounh. With qualifying for the Starladder CIS Minor and ESEA Mountain Dew League playoffs, the boys knew that…

    Thu 10th Nov 2016 - 8:52pmRead More
  • Kreuw Retires from Professional CS:GO - #VwSCSGO 218

    Kreuw Retires from Professional…

    Today, we have some bittersweet news regarding VwS CS:GO and the roster. As Kreuw gets married and plans for his future, he has decided to retire from professional CS:GO. We are extremely thankful for his time and dedication,…

    Mon 31st Oct 2016 - 11:37pmRead More
  • GameOn 2016 - Kvik's Pregame Interview 32

    GameOn 2016 - Kvik's Pregame…

    Attending GameOn 2016 in just over a week, the team is ready to prove themselves within the biggest gaming event in the Baltics. Despite being left with a four man roster after Kreuw retired, the team feels confident…

    Fri 21st Oct 2016 - 8:34pmRead More
  • HCS Week 3 - VwS vs Prophecy 34

    HCS Week 3 - VwS vs Prophecy

    The VwS Halo debut was on Wednesday, facing off against Team Prophecy for Week 3, Day 1 of the HCS Pro League. Heading into the match, the team had nothing to fear. Beating Prophecy in Week 1 3-0…

    Fri 14th Oct 2016 - 8:47pmRead More
  • VwS Return to Halo 25

    VwS Return to Halo

    VwS Gaming are ecstatic to announce our return to the professional Halo scene. After the success we've had with both North American and European teams, we couldn't be happier with the squad that'll be representing VwS…

    Tue 11th Oct 2016 - 6:27pmRead More
  • Welcome ErycTriceps - H1Z1 60

    Welcome ErycTriceps -…

    VwS Gaming is proud to announce our entry into the H1Z1 competitive scene with the acquisition of Erikas "ErycTriceps" Vaitkevicius, the #1 ranked Royalty player in Europe!

    Sun 2nd Oct 2016 - 9:22pmRead More
  • VwS CS:GO - ESL Major Champions 45

    VwS CS:GO - ESL Major…

    After qualifying into the ESEA Mountain Dew League for placing top 2 in ESL Major, VwS CS:GO had one last step to prove their dominance - defeating Dark Passage 2-0 to reign champions of ESL CS:GO Major!

    Tue 13th Sep 2016 - 1:16amRead More
  • VwS Reign Champions @ UniCon 2016 30

    VwS Reign Champions @…

    With VwS CS:GO's goal being to dominate the Baltic scene, winning GSL Baltics wasn't our last stop. UniCon Latvia 2016 was another event on the list that would help reach our ultimate goal. Facing off against Enso, the…

    Sun 14th Aug 2016 - 6:51pmRead More
  • GSL Baltics: Samsung Challenge Champions 31

    GSL Baltics: Samsung Challenge…

    This past weekend, the VwS CS:GO team had their first event under the VwS banner at the Game Show Baltics Samsung Challenge. The tournament was comprised of the best teams from both Lithuania and Latvia competing for…

    Sat 30th Jul 2016 - 1:14pmRead More
  • GSL Baltics: Pregame Interview with kAliNkA 43

    GSL Baltics: Pregame Interview…

    Gameshow Baltics aims to provide top talent around the Baltic states opportunities to prove their worth. With VwS CS:GO being one of the top teams in the Baltics, this gives us the chance to prove that we're potentially…

    Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 1:33amRead More
  • VwS Return to CS:GO 39

    VwS Return to CS:GO

    We're proud to announce our re-entry into the CS:GO scene, picking up the top prospects in the Baltics scene known for being the underdogs.

    Sun 17th Jul 2016 - 3:43pmRead More
  • VwS Parts Ways with R6 Roster 60

    VwS Parts Ways with R6…

    For the time being, VwS is no longer going to be participating in Rainbow 6, and is parting ways with the Rainbow 6 Roster.

    Wed 11th May 2016 - 6:18amRead More
  • VwS RB6 Go To Germany 60

    VwS RB6 Go To Germany

    Wed 4th May 2016 - 8:10pmRead More
  • VwS Empire Roster Announcement 59

    VwS Empire Roster Announcement

    With the success of VwS’s European mix CS:GO team, we're happy to announce our new CS:GO line up! CS:GO is definitely a scene everyone at VwS wants to take part in and we are delighted to be adding another team…

    Sun 1st May 2016 - 2:23amRead More
  • J Miller Goes To MARS 96

    J Miller Goes To MARS

    J Miller Goes To Mars

    Sat 26th Mar 2016 - 10:42amRead More
  • APT Daegu 2016 91

    APT Daegu 2016

    APT Daegu 2016. A weekend in Korea.

    Thu 24th Mar 2016 - 7:54pmRead More