The #LongGrass :: Week 15

Thu 3rd Sep 2015 - 9:35pm : Gaming

Hello and welcome to the fifteenth addition of Enter the #LongGrass brought to you by 8-12Hz.


This week we are joined by SunnyB, member of the VwS Call of Duty Roster.


Tell us a bit about yourself, and what got you into gaming.


Hi, I'm 19 year old competitive Call of Duty player for VwS Gaming from Wolverhampton, West Midlands. I started gaming back on Gamebattles around 4 years ago and really enjoyed it. I then wanted to start taking it more serious and found out about LAN events and began to attend them last year on Ghosts.


Alongside Damo you are one of the new additions to the Call of Duty roster, how do you feel the team is getting along and what role do you take on the roster?


The team is getting along really well. Nobody's attitudes clash in game, which is a difficult thing to find in the COD scene. We all mesh really well and are a very balanced team in every game mode. The role I take on in the team is the aggressive all out SMG which is constantly in the oppositions face and always flooding the hills playing for the objective.


This weekend you managed to take 3rd place in the Gfinity EU Pro Leauge Season 2 Finals, how do you feel about the league overall and also how the team performed on LAN?


The league overall was alot fun, but also alot of stress because of how we choked certain things which could of differed our run, but it is what it is. I like the whole super 6 series because if you go down like 3-0 you still have that chance to come back an gain something. The team on LAN performed exceptionally well, even though we didn't play the best teams, I was happy with how we performed and came out with all 3 wins.


With the fantastic result at Gfinity what things do you feel the team learnt over the course of the season and where do you think this team can go in the near future?


With the good result at Gfinity I feel it will give a confidence boost to us all that we can compete at the top. Over the course of the season we panicked alot online, but now we've been a team for longer we've learnt when not to rush things in game especially when we are in the back foot. Going in the future with this team I feel like we can only improve and can better with more LAN practice and try become a T3 team in Europe.


More personally what are your future goals/aims as a player?


My future goals and aims as a player are too just try to get better and better. I want to try attending all big/international events as much as I can to gain more exposure and experience.


How are you enjoying your time at VwS so far?


I love it so far in VwS. Matt and Joe are a sound pair of guys and I love what they're doing in VwS to help it grow in eSports.


Do you have any shout outs?


Massive shoutout the all the VwS sponsors Razer, 812HzGaminggum, Netduma, GamersApparel, Hauppauge and VenomGaming. Also big shout out to Brian, Nick and Damo and all the people I speak to on a regular basis.


Where can the fans find you i.e. Social media links etc?


You can find me on twitter at @VwS_SunnyB.

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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