#VwSCSGO vs. eXcellence Gaming

Thu 24th Sep 2015 - 5:31pm : Gaming

Going into our 5th ESEA match of Season 20, knife round was the decider for which side we would've gotten on Mirage. Unfortunately, losing the knife round gave us the more difficult side, being Terrorist side. Pistol round didn't go our way, giving eX an easy 3-0 start. Our first buy round on Round 4 got shut down, making us save yet again. It was looking very grim for us, starting off 0-6. We won one round, then lost 2 straight, resulting in the scoreline of 1-8. We went into a tactical pause to determine what was going wrong. After this timeout, our momentum came into effect, stringing together a winstreak to end the half 6-9 in favor of eXcellence. This was mostly due to Cutlazz's strong fragging, opening up the rounds for the rest of his team.

This was looking well after such a rough start, where if we won pistol round, we could've easily tied it up. Unfortunately, the second pistol round was also won by eXcellence, giving them both pistol rounds of the match. This resulted in an easy 3 rounds for them at the start of each half. We lost the first buy round in Round 19, bringing together yet another save around. Losing the second buy round of the Counter-Terrorist half, it wasn't looking too good for us, with the score being 6-14. The team seemed to flip a switch, bringing the score to 10-14 after a 4 round streak of completely shutting down anything in their way. We finally lost a round after that streak, bringing the score to 10-15. Heading into match point, we won yet another 2 rounds straight. Unfortunately, eXcellence closed it out in Round 28, resulting in the end score of 12-16. The rough start at the beginning of the game unfortunately decided the game in the end. If we won at least 1 pistol round, the game could've gone the completely opposite way. Overall, it was a well played game, going from a rough start to stringing together momentum.




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