VwS Partners with Frag.I.T

Fri 25th Sep 2015 - 5:47pm : Gaming

VwS are excited to announce our new partnership with Frag.I.T, one of the UK’s most exciting Gaming PC specialists.  Frag.I.T deliver extremely high quality PC builds, outstanding customer service and a fountain of knowledge to the UK PC Market, with a Gaming Café also part of the blossoming business.

Frag.I.T consistently push the boundaries, whether it’s overclocking, incredible builds or their attention to detail.  If you're looking for a PC build or equipment you should look no further than Frag.I.T, their experienced professionals and personal attitude is a welcome change to the norm. 

With regulars to their café enjoying gaming to a high standard in a comfortable environment we also hope to see some VwS gaming social LANs in the near future.


VwS COO Matt Cooper had the following to say regarding the partnership –


"The partnership with Frag.I.T is a breath of fresh air.  After working in the eSports industry for a few years now it's very rare to find a company with such a personal attitude, almost real time communication and the same principles as our own organization.  Like us they strive to be the best but in the correct manner, working hard to deliver results but realizing the love of what we both do means we will never cut corners. I have great anticipation for our future together, with a PC soon to be ordered and a trip to the gaming cafe on the horizon we are delighted to announce this partnership and cannot wait to put our plans into action."


Frag.I.T CEO John Keegan had this to say on the partnership with VwS -


"Frag.I.T is proud to be a main sponsor of VwS Gaming on PC and will be working extremely close with their new partners to help thrust VwS Gaming into esports scene on PC related games within the UK and USA.

Our partnership signifies a great step forward for both parties and shows other competitors we both mean business and are here to make our mark on PC esports arenas.

Frag.I.T has always been about absolute performance with every component that we use in our Gaming PCs and how we can push that to the limits. We see this same ambition and competiveness’ from in VwS Gaming so sponsoring them on a whole was the course of action to be taken.

With this sponsorship we both hope to grow steadily and make sure all the teams around the world understand who VwS are and that they are not to be underestimated.'"

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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