VwS Enters Xbox Smite

Sun 11th Oct 2015 - 9:01pm : Gaming

VwS is happy to announce we have entered the fight of the gods, as we announce our Xbox Smite team!

Smite has established itself as a top tier title in the eSports scene on PC and with the venture onto Xbox One we feel the game will only continue to surpass people’s expectations.   VwS has a long history in console, with fantastic achievements in both Europe and the United States, with our first French squad we hope to continue delivering in all areas.


VwS COO Matt Cooper had the following to say on our acquisition:

“We are very pleased to be able to announce our new venture into Xbox One Smite, the game has shown a large amount of promise and coupled with our French stars we believe we can deliver some strong results online and at LAN.  With new partnerships and future teams in new titles we believe the future for VwS looks incredibly strong, VwS Smite is just the start. “


VwS Smite Captain Benjamin "AmA LuNatiK " Robert shared his thoughts on joining VwS:

“We are happy and excited to join VwS Gaming. The team began playing SMITE 6 months ago and unexpectedly we found a solid team and structure quite quickly. We hope to pass through the qualification tournament for the world championship on smite and we believe we have the ability to achieve our goals under this organization.”


The VwS Smite Xbox One Team Line Up is as follows:

Benjamin "AmA LuNatiK" ROBERT

Christophe "ii ProdiGy x" Dansin

Romain "PortoSs MNG" Pedrosa

Mike  "XeNoN GH" Miller 

Enzo  "Voidpuff"  Romano


Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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