BEAST VI Interview with J Miller

Tue 16th Feb 2016 - 7:08pm : Gaming

First and foremost, how are you?

I am well thank you for asking.

How has the meta of Smash 4 evolved in the last 12 months? What can you say is the biggest difference in your gameplay from last year when you won BEAST V compared to now? Have you focused on anything specific since then? 

I believe the biggest differences are optimisation, character/game mechanics balancing and knowledge. A year ago you still needed to have strong fundamentals and understanding to win, just in comparison to now everyone was still learning their craft as well as the game. The meta changes pretty frequently considering the genre of the game in my opinion.

Are there any players that you’re particularly looking forward to facing or that you think will be a challenge for you?

There are multiple who will be a challenge, I imagine there will be players who most aren’t even aware of who will also be looking to prove themselves at BEAST. In terms of particular players who I’d like to play in any kind of setting, would like to play S1-14, Mr.R, Esam and Izaw. The Dutch I don’t get to play often with at all, to be honest Europe as a continent do not have many occasions to all meet in one place often. So there are MANY people who I wanna see, talk and play games against.

Leading up to a tournament such as this, did you do anything extra in preparation to defend your title in SSB4 singles?

Just analyse previous matches, ask myself hard questions and see whether there is a realistic resolution.  I wouldn’t say it was anything special but all I can do realistically is play my best on the day/s and see how far it will take me.

What are you looking forward to the most after BEAST VI?

Learning Street Fighter V, as I’ll be attempting to be good/competent. Travelling around Europe for more Smash tournaments in March/April. No idea after this but I’ll know more soon enough.

What do you feel are some of the contributing factors to the recent growth within the UK smash scene? Where could someone find information on upcoming events if they wish to compete themselves?

The marketing of Smash 4 by Nintendo has been very influential, showing commitment to the game is usually well received by any player/fan base.

UK’s Smash 4 scene is relatively new, it’s a combination of veteran Brawl TO’s/Players efforts to advertise but there so much effort by the TO’s in particular to use social media and adjust aspects of tournaments to the liking of the majority of the new community to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Well we want to thank you for taking the time to join us so close to the event and wish you the best of luck at BEAST VI. Do you have anything you like to add i.e. shoutouts of any sorts?

Thank you very much, shoutouts to VwS, Legacy of Minds and SmashUK. Similar to last year, we’ll be out in force but with even bigger numbers so hopefully the country will show what we have to offer in terms of competition.

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