Welcome back Prof, BEAST VI

Wed 24th Feb 2016 - 5:55pm : Gaming

Welcome back Prof, first up how are you, and how was your trip?

Good, thanks. I think we had around 130-140 UK people, which is pretty insane since last year it was 80 and we thought we couldn't top it. It made the trip what it was for me, being able to travel with all of the UK people.


Right, down to business, and Project M came first at BEAST. You took the title without dropping a set, beating Abate in WFs and GFs. Were you expecting the tourney to be that simple, and what stood out for you in PM this time?

I didn't expect to win the ENTIRE BEAST 6 event without even dropping a single game. It was unfortunate Mr R (who would have been on my side of the bracket) and Armada dropped out, but I don't think the result would have changed, I still feel like I would have won.

I think the biggest thing I noticed is that there's definitely a bit of a separation now (between the top and the rest). I don't even feel like I can lose a set to anyone in EU now who isn't Armada or Leffen in PM


You’ve also attended a few big tourneys of late where PM hasn’t featured. What are your thoughts on the health of the scene going forward after everything that’s happened in the last six months?

PM has carried on better than I thought it would in the US, and is still being featured at quite a lot of events. Unfortunately it seems like it's pretty stagnant in EU. Now that PM is in its final version I think it will be healthy for people to gain some interest in the future at least, due to characters developing without change and people potentially becoming attached.


After winning PM on Friday, you had some doubles on Saturday, with you and Fuzzyness teaming. How did that feel after your recent money match, and what do you think you could do better next time? You had a couple of impressive 2 v 1s.

I definitely want to see Fuzzy play and compete more in the UK and EU, that's without question. But during a discussion Ice (the German Fox main) and I came to the conclusion that we honestly feel like he is partially afraid of losing, since Fuzzy said to me and Ice that he wants to train with me for practice, but doesn't want to enter events until get feels he can get Top 5 at Majors. An incorrect way of approaching improvement in my opinion.


The main event was obviously Melee, and you faced the best Ice Climbers player in the world in Wobbles. What was playing him like compared to other ICs like Nintendude, who you destroyed when he came over last year?

Wobbles neutral is WAY more tricky and his overall style actually threw me off quite a lot. Most of the IC's fit into this box in the way they play and he definitely doesn't. I'm actually impressed I was able to hold it together as well as I did, and clutch out the win.


How do you think you did overall in Melee, and do you feel like you’re making progress with each major?

I already feel the progress before I enter a major. It's there and I know it is, which is a great feeling. The major itself is where you see if you can perform under pressured circumstances, that’s still something I'm working on but BEAST 6 showed progress 100%.


How was the tournament for you? You’ve been to a number of big EU events, as well as previous BEASTs. What stood out this time as different to previous iterations?

BEAST 6 was the best EU event without a doubt that has been hosted. The venue and the hotel were the biggest selling points and it pushed the bar for other EU events. I don't want to have to wait a year to have that type of experience in Europe so I'm waiting for other TOs to step it up. Potentially Heir 3?


We can’t let you go without asking about the salt between Leffen and WestBallz. What was that like from inside the venue, and were you expecting what happened in loser’s finals?

I actually burst out laughing when Westballz picked Samus. I actually think it would have been a pretty big hit to Leffen's psyche if he didn't win that set, especially since West knocked him into losers.


Finally, when is your next major, and is there anyone you’d like to thank, shout out, etc?

My next major which is 100% confirmed is Pound and maybe Shots Fired 2, both in March which makes it a stacked month for me. Shoutouts to the UK who were by far the loudest country in the venue at BEAST 6, they literally made the trip what it was for me

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