VwS Rainbow Six: Siege Roster Announcement

Sat 5th Mar 2016 - 10:34pm : Gaming

First and foremost, how are you?

Me and the team are ecstatic about the upcoming ESL Pro League, and the opportunity to play for such a high profile organization such as VwS. We have our eyes on the prize and we're working tirelessly to reach the pinnacle of the competitive scene in Rainbow Six Siege.


Tell us a bit about yourself and the team.

I am a long time gamer and IT specialist, I’ve ultimately spent my lifetime with computers and all things tech. I was formerly an RPG player who developed an eye for competitive gaming. I then gravitated towards League of Legends and was Diamond for three consecutive seasons. I loved the competitiveness but longed for the thrill of first person shooters. I was then invited to join the Rainbow Six: Siege scene by a good friend Xcusive, (Joey Buzzeo). From there I fell in love with the game and can't wait to play in the first pro league!

Xclusive and MrpopoTFS have been long time FPS players, both leaving behind a Global Elite career in CS:GO.

Fidd started playing competitive FPS shooters during CS 1.6, on a smaller game called Soldier Front.

Enigma is a hard working husband and soon to be father who also carries an amazing ability to tackle the FPS scene and finds time to practice with this team and devote his time into it, as much as the rest of us.


What is everyone's role on the roster and what is your most played character?

The roles on the team can vary but generally speaking we have a pretty comfortable operator style right now which would be…

Xclusive: Twitch/Jager

Fidd: Thatcher/Smoke

Enigma: Ash/Pulse

MrPopoTFS: Thermite/Rook

I mostly play Bandit and Sledge but have been giving Kapkan a go lately due to his gun and utility in certain situations.


You've recently qualified for the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro league, how do you feel about being considered a top team in North America?

It’s a dream, this train was started on a whim of a group of great guys who felt they were playing above the average, we decided to take a swing at the Go4 Cups and before you know it, we were landing 3rd, 4th, 5th consecutively in a row. Losing to teams that who finished in 1st-3rd in NA. This train is far from over and we are walking into Pro League with our heads held high and a mind of dreamers! We want this bad and we are gonna play like we do.


What do you look forward the most about this season and joining VwS?

I’d have to say, this first season we are most looking forward to gaining as much as we can as far as experience in the Pro league in learning how to face and compete against individual teams, as many play in different play styles, as well as hopefully finishing in the top two in NA positions to qualify for the Poland Major against the EU teams. We would certainly like to also take away the stranglehold that the EU scene currently has on the FPS scene, promoting this game as a serious competitive scene and increasing the population of the game to bring it to the same level as CS:GO and LoL is also a priority for us. As far as VwS is concerned, we are extremely grateful to be representing such a respected and professional organization, and our goal is to promote them to the fullest of our abilities during our career in Rainbow Six Siege. We are also very excited to see, as a Pro League team, just how much we can help VwS grow as an organization in regards to sponsors, as well as fame. All of us are anxious to see just how far we can go together with each other’s support.


Where can the fans find you and the team i.e. social media link?

You can reach Clever at or  or stop in at his live stream at


You can reach Fidd at


Xclusive can be reached in the following or stop by and watch him live at which is always a good time!


Check out Enigma at his personal Facebook


The wonderful MrpopoTFS can be reached at either or (Warning adult audiences only, we hold no responsibility for what’s found here!! ;D)


Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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