J Miller Goes To MARS

Sat 26th Mar 2016 - 10:42am : Gaming

First and foremost, how are you and how was the trip to Holland?

The trip to Holland was memorable in some of the best ways possible. Excellent tournament organisation and presentation by B.Y.O.C and got to catch up with the Dutch scene, don’t get to see or play with them as much as I’d like so it’s great for when I get the opportunity.

Before you left for your trip you had a chance to play Pokkén Tournament, what are your thoughts on the game and can you see a competitive future in it?

Pokken exceeded my expectations, In fairness I was not ready at all for the amount of depth the game seems to have. For anyone looking to take it to a competitive level there will be much to learn and play around with, if I have time I would look to take it more seriously myself but I already have games I’m trying to be competent at so that time is not now.

In terms of the game’s future, on it’s own  I believe it could grow but it depends on how the Pokken community can tackle the hardships in running local tournaments. Pokken as great of a game it is requires a lot of time and effort just to get a few complete set ups going so unless there is effort it could be rough on that front.

So you just got finished competing at NHSmash 2, how do you feel overall about your performance and what can you take from this Lan heading into MARS? 

Overall, I played as well as I could at the time… though I know I can do better.
There is more that can be done and I was able to accept that as soon as the tournament was over.
There were a few things I was reminded of which will prove to be helpful to growth as a player, so long as I can keep these things in mind whilst playing in tournament it could prove the difference between winning and losing a set.

This upcoming weekend you’re heading to Marseille, France. What are you most excited about regarding this event?

I’ve not been to France in years nor have I played 90% of France’s scene in Smash 4. Meaning I’ll get to enjoy playing/adapting and hopefully learning a lot more whilst I spend time there.

Are there any specific competitors/matchups that you are looking forward to playing at MARS?

Too many to name, I wanna play everyone there is to play and mostly just improve as a player. 

So do you have anything exciting planned for after Mars? 

Hypespotting is the next tournament, after this I’ll be considering a UK tournament .

You just recently released a highlight video and this question has frequently appeared in the comment section, “Will there be more?”. Do you have any plans or ideas for future highlight videos?

Hopefully yes, long as the content is enjoyed and viewers would like to see more I’ll create the gameplay and from there it will just have to be edited etc.

I would like to thank you for joining us before you go to MARS. Do you have anything you would like to add i.e. shoutouts, social media links etc?

Roland/Robin - B.Y.O.C - Thank you for running a tournament that finished well before venue needing to close up but also being a very caring host during my time in Holland it was very appreciated. 

Deon my doubles partner, we don’t team much. Despite this,  we did pretty well on this occasion and it was fun as well as interesting.

VwS and Legacy of Minds as always thank you :)


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Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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