GSL Baltics: Pregame Interview with kAliNkA

Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 1:33am : Gaming

Gameshow Baltics aims to provide top talent around the Baltic states opportunities to prove their worth. With VwS CS:GO being one of the top teams in the Baltics, this gives us the chance to prove that we're potentially the best team, both online and offline. With the chance of being on sports channels nationally, this gives light to players participating in eSports. To catch up on the team's thoughts and expectations, we spoke with Nikolaj "Kalinka":

How did the qualifiers go for the team, with using Kreuw instead of Fender?

The qualifiers went great. We beat all teams pretty convincingly, with our new member 'kreuw' adapting very fast and performing at our team level.

What are the team's goals for this event?

Simply, the goal is to win the whole tournament since we are the favorites.

With you and Kvik standing in at a Gameshow event last week, how do you think this event will compare to the last?

Last event was held very professionally, but the down side of the events is that organisers forced to use their sponsor products, so players ended up playing on 60Hz monitors, but overall the events are amazing so far. This event will be a bit diferent from the others because we will play on an island (where the music festival will be held), and there is no internet cables so we will use 4G internet. We will see how it will turn out! I'm sure the event will be amazing as the last one but the PCs will probably be the same, which was definitely a big down side of the event.

How do you feel about the event being aired on television?

I doubt that the music festival will be held on TV since it's the Sport1 television channel, but an event being held with a music festival is an amazing idea!

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