GSL Baltics: Samsung Challenge Champions

Sat 30th Jul 2016 - 1:14pm : Gaming

This past weekend, the VwS CS:GO team had their first event under the VwS banner at the Game Show Baltics Samsung Challenge. The tournament was comprised of the best teams from both Lithuania and Latvia competing for their share of the prize pool and more importantly to claim the title as the best team in the Baltics on national television. There was a lot of pressure for the competitors at this event, with the combination of this being broadcasted nationally and also on the same grounds as a music festival, this lead to many exterior distractions, but that did not stumble the VwS boys on their path to finals; that concluded in a convincing 3-0 win against GameplayDNA. To get some more insight on the event we did a brief interview with Aurimas "Kvik" Kvakšys from VwS.

How was the event in terms of space, equipment, etc.?
In terms of space and equipment, the event was pretty good. The only downside was the 60Hz monitors. Besides that, everything was decent and handled as professionally as possible, keeping in mind that it was held on a remote island.

What was the competition like? Did you underestimate anyone?
I think this tournament brought together the best teams in the Baltics. The only team that was missing were OnlineBOTS from Estonia. Even though we brought a new player to our roster a week before this event, we still knew we are favorites here regardless. I don't think we underestimated any of the opponents, we came a little bit unprepared with map ban/pick phase against eXanimo. We made some bad choices that led us to play Train, which we don't play at all. We dropped one map but still managed to take the series. Against GameplayDNA, it was pretty straight forward. We threw a little bit on Cache, but won convincingly on other maps and took home the first place finish.

Was winning the event important to the team or was it just another win?
Winning this event was pretty important for us. It was our first LAN event together after some time, when we were playing the game individually. Since we are aiming for the top every time we play in such LANs, it really boosted our morale and we're looking forward to winning more and more events, both in Baltics and Europe in general.




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