VwS Reign Champions @ UniCon 2016

Sun 14th Aug 2016 - 6:51pm : Gaming

With VwS CS:GO's goal being to dominate the Baltic scene, winning GSL Baltics wasn't our last stop. UniCon Latvia 2016 was another event on the list that would help reach our ultimate goal. With games such as Overwatch and Hearthstone at UniCon, it helped provide a larger audience to support the Baltic area in eSports. Although the event was only a grand final best of 5 after an online qualification, it was still an event we'd like to check off. Facing off against Enso, the team was confident that it'd be another clean sweep resembling the dominance we showed at GSL Baltics. To get some insight on the event, we've asked Aurimas (Kvik) to share his thoughts.


- First and foremost, how was the trip to Latvia itself?

The trip was good. Me and TORAS took a bus which had TV and WiFi on it, so after watching two films, we were on spot already. TORAS fell asleep for the whole trip, so I don't think he had any problems with it either. Kreuw lives fairly close to Riga, so he was travelling less than others and by car. For kAliNkA and lukjjE, it was okay aswell, since their bus had WiFi as well, which kept them occupied.

- Overall, what did you think of the event and did you guys checkout anything else while at the convention i.e. other events, cosplay/dance competitions etc?

The event seemed fun. I was thinking about visiting the anime convention someday myself, but never had a chance so it was my first opportunity as well as for my teammates. We didn't check anything out, since everyone was really tired, as well as whole event having some delays. After finishing our game, we headed straight to the eXanimo computer club, where we had some time to relax with some other Latvians, which we headed home right after.

- Did the team anticipate a clean 3-0 sweep against Enso, or were you guys just on point that day?

We didn't know what to expect from these guys, since we haven't heard of some of the players, but we also knew that they were bootcamping together for a whole month. Because of this, we were expecting some in-depth strats to come out from their side. In the end, nothing "special" really happened and they just let us play our game, which we took advantage of, and overall came out victorious.

- What are you and the team focusing on now; do you have anything else planned?

We're thinking about our practice schedule at the moment, since we lacked one before. We had a lot of official games going, LANs and other qualifications. Because of that, we couldn't really prepare something new and fresh from our side. Also, we have Kreuw as our new player in place of fender, who still lacks some knowledge about our playstyle and strats we use, but in the future with some more practice, I definitely think we will get better and better.






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