VwS CS:GO - ESL Major Champions

Tue 13th Sep 2016 - 1:16am : Gaming

VwS CS:GO's attempt to qualify for the ESEA Mountain Dew League through ESL Major was successful, as they placed top 2, securing a spot into season 23 of ESEA Premier! Although we qualified, that wasn't the last step for the boys, as they still had the grand final spot up against Turkey's own, Dark Passage. Although Dark Passage has proven to be a tough opponent against us, we came into the series ready after defeating the top Turkish team, Space Soldiers, in the ELEAGUE Season 2 qualifiers the day before.


With Mirage, Cache and Dust 2 chosen as the three maps for the series, they were confident that we'd take the series 2-0. After a close fight on Mirage, VwS CS:GO prevailed to take the lead 1-0 in the series after finishing up 16-13. Cache was looking to be of the same ordeal after a 8-7 first half. However, as VwS headed to the counter terrorist side, they commanded the second half, going 9-1 to take the map 16-9 and overall taking the series 2-0 to become the ESL Major Summer 2016 champions!


Although this may seem like a momentous occasion, this isn't it for Kalinka and co. as they start the newly announced ESEA Mountain Dew League on the 14th of September! Stay up to date with our ESEA matches by checking out our team page or checking the schedules for ESEA TV!


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