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Sun 2nd Oct 2016 - 9:22pm : Gaming

VwS Gaming is proud to announce our entry into the H1Z1 competitive scene with the acquisition of Erikas "ErycTriceps" Vaitkevicius, the #1 ranked Royalty player in Europe!
With being only 15 years old, Erikas has achieved quite an amount of achievements in H1Z1, such as a 33 kill world record
Battle Royale win in June of 2016, 500+ kills in a single day and multiple wins on community-ran tournaments! Since the long aspired update of 'Z2', Erikas has 20 wins on the new map with an overall record of over 700 wins in King of the Kill! Being rank 2 Royalty in Europe, Erikas is aiming to prove to everyone that not only is he ranked amongst the most skilled players in the game, but H1Z1's competitive scene is growing exponentially.

With the entry into H1Z1, Albo has positive thoughts about Erikas and the scene in general, saying "H1Z1 truly is on the rise in terms of competitiveness within eSports. The professional/streaming community is very welcoming with positive outlooks on the game, which is the aspect that makes H1Z1 so enjoyable within Twitch and it's players. With the addition of Erikas, we're hoping to be a part of the community that is so passionate about the game they've played since beta."

To get some insight on what Erikas is hoping to achieve within VwS, we've asked him the simple question of "What are your goals heading into the end of 2016 with the entry into VwS Gaming?" The simple question gave the simple answer of "My goal is to grow VwS Gaming as a professional organization and prove that H1Z1 can become an eSports title."

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