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Tue 11th Oct 2016 - 6:27pm : Gaming

VwS Gaming are ecstatic to announce our return to the professional Halo scene. After the success we've had with both North American and European teams, we couldn't be happier with the squad that'll be representing VwS in the European Pro League. Known previously as XMEN, the team is made up of Lunny, Chalkie and Ramirez, who are known in the Halo scene, as well as up and comer Anima. Finishing in 2nd place at last season's offline finals, the boys are looking to finish champions of the second season as they know they could. To catch some insight on what the team's vision is for the second season, we've spoken to Andrew "Ramirez":


"How are you and the rest of the team feeling after finally finding an organization to represent?"
     - Me and the lads are happy to join an organisation with a vision aligned with ours, so after looking for some time we're glad to be settled!

"What are you envisioning the team's placement to be at the end of the online season?"
     - We're hoping to qualify comfortably online and place as high as possible in the process, but the main goal is making it to Leicester and seeing what we can do at the second HCS European Finals, as it's vital to attain a top four spot.

"What do you hope to be different this season from season 1?"
     - The placement! Nothing but the win is anything to shout about and only first will satisfy our competitive urge.

Team manager Kyle "Turk" Wall had this to say about joining VwS: "The team and I are extremely happy with the opportunity we have been given and we are all looking forward to making our stay at our new home in VwS a successful one!"


Be sure to follow the squad on their social medias!
Anima: No social media! :(




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