HCS Week 3 - VwS vs Prophecy

Fri 14th Oct 2016 - 8:47pm : Gaming

The VwS Halo debut was on Wednesday, facing off against Team Prophecy for Week 3, Day 1 of the HCS Pro League. Heading into the match, the team had nothing to fear. Beating Prophecy in Week 1 3-0 was enough to give the team the confidence they needed. However, the series was nothing short of some insanely close games.

Beginning on Truth - Capture The Flag, Prophecy started hot, leading the game 2-0 in captures in no time. Quickly, the boys regained composure and leveled up the score to 2-2. With one more capture for either side to win, the series was looking to be an interesting matchup. Pulling the reverse sweep in map 1, VwS finish 3-2 to take the 1-0 lead heading into Eden - Slayer.

Yet another great start by Prophecy gave them an 11 kill lead in Slayer. Bringing back the comeback momentum from map 1, VwS pulled the map to an equal 41-41 heading into the final minutes. Once leading 48-41, Prophecy turns on their switches and brings the score back to 48-48, completely surprising the casters. Without dissapointment, VwS close out the Slayer 50-48 to take a comfortable 2-0 series lead.

Strongholds on The Rig was a completely different story for Prophecy. This time, they started off hot and kept their momentum as they powered through to an 82-0 lead. VwS finally pulled some points in their favor, which made the audience wonder if map 3 would be yet another comeback. Prophecy wasn't going to let another map go, as they close out map 3 100-22 to bring the series to Capture The Flag on Coliseum.

With yet another intense game, being leveled at 2-2, the occasional technical difficulty arose, with Prophecy's BUK20 being disconnected from the game while VwS was about to pull the final capture to end the series. After some ESL admin discussion, a full map replay was ruled. Still keeping their eyes on the win, both teams pulled back to yet another 2-2 tie. Ultimately, with great sniper support from Lunny and an astounding triple from Ramirez, VwS pulls the third capture to end the series 3-1 in our favor. The series win brought us to a three-way tie at second place with PuLse and Vibe.


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