GameOn 2016 - Kvik's Pregame Interview

Fri 21st Oct 2016 - 8:34pm : Gaming

After qualifying for GameOn 2016 with quite dominant finishes over XPRESIV'E and Golden Children, the team feels confident that this will be our third offline event win in a row. This time around, the event is allowing teams from all over Europe to attend, giving the opportunity to a team like ArchAngelz. Despite facing the issue of a four man roster, prelideN (Latvian player) has been chosen to fill the spot of Kreuw at GameOn. To grasp the team's expectations and goals heading into the final week before the event, Aurimas "Kvik" let us know about their mindset and preparation.


1. How did the GameOn qualifiers go for the team?
     - The GameOn qualifiers went really smoothly. We haven't had any troubles against any team, even though we had to start off with a stand-in. After two quick wins, we qualified for the event finals.

2. With PrelideN standing in after Kreuw retired, how's your confidence heading into the event?
     - Of course, it'll be harder to play with a stand-in and have a language barrier considering he is from Latvia, but the GameOn rules left us without any choice, stating that we can't take anyone who played in the qualifiers. Our only choice was prelideN, but we have faith in him and believe he is a great player to fill in for us.

3. What are your expectations and end goals individually and as a team?
     - For any Baltic event, we always aim for the number one spot which will in the end, earn us the 'Baltic Kings' crown. This event is no exception and we will do our best to prove that we still stand high in our region, along with the European teams coming into the event.


To learn more about GameOn and it's gaming event, you can head to to find information like the address, gaming expo, and more!

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