Kreuw Retires from Professional CS:GO - #VwSCSGO

Mon 31st Oct 2016 - 11:37pm : Gaming

Today, we have some bittersweet news regarding VwS CS:GO and the roster. As Kreuw gets married and plans for his future, he has decided to retire from professional CS:GO. We are extremely thankful for his time and dedication, as he was a vital member to both our organization and team. Ignas knew that it would be unfair to the rest of his team if he continued playing without being able to put in the necessary time required. Although we're sad to see him go, we're happy to see that he's seeking success both in his personal life and career. He played a valuable part in qualifying for the ESEA Mountain Dew League and winning the ESL Major Spring 2016. With these news, he also won't be attending the Starladder CIS Minor on November 11-13th, as we've qualified for the finals with a new face in the Lithuanian scene, Pounh.


As the team heads to the Starladder Minor and their finals weeks of the ESEA Mountain Dew League, they will be evaluating what their best option is to continue the success they've been recently achieving. Nothing is set in stone yet, and the team is taking their time as the fifth man is a vital position for our team. 


Be sure to follow our social medias to keep up with the team on their road to the ELEAGUE major in 2017!



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  • Tue 29th Nov 2016 - 5:38am

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  • Sat 26th Nov 2016 - 5:38am

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  • Thu 24th Nov 2016 - 10:29am

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  • Tue 8th Nov 2016 - 6:19am

    It is very unfortunate to see Kreuw retire as he is a wonderful gamer and a team man. The EssayMama research paper writer services mentioned that Kreuw has been an inspiration to many upcoming gamers. However, he is leaving for a higher cause and I wish him all the best for his future plans.

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