Rise of Professor Pro - UGC Smash Open

Fri 9th Dec 2016 - 9:46pm : Gaming

     This past weekend saw the world's top Smash players at quite an unfamiliar location, which was a UGC Open event. Known for their console tournaments on Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War, UGC was now open for the world's top fighting game. Taking place in Saint Louis, Missouri, Professor Pro was no stranger to the United States, having travelled to events like Big House, Apex and Kings of the North. However, most didn't expect the United Kingdom star to place in the top 5 of Melee singles with the world's top Smash players in attendance.
     Starting off in pool C7, the only competition Aaron really had was Splyce's MacD, ranked 15th worldwide. Battling eachother in the winner's finals of their pool, Professor Pro pulled a clutch to take the series 3-2 to secure himself a better seed heading into the top 48 (pro bracket). Right off the bat, Aaron faced arguably the best player in Melee right now, Liquid's Hungrybox. Getting clean sweeped, Professor Pro made a swift run through the loser's bracket after defeating Winterfox's Shroomed 3-2, and then completely annihilating Obey's MikeHaze to secure a spot in the top 8. Although Professor Pro has gotten himself a great placing into the top 8, he wasn't done just there.
     Defying everyone's predictions, Aaron swiftly defeated Renegades' Swedish Delight with a scoreline of 3-1 to advance to face TSM's Leffen in a do or die match for their tournament lives. With both players tiring down after a long tournament, this got the best of Professor Pro as he got defeated by Leffen 0-3 to finish his run at UGC Smash Open. Placing himself amongst the top 5 at the tournament was a great accomplishment as he hopes to raise his ranking worldwide to what he truly deserves.

Melee singles standings:
1. Armada
2. Mew2King
3. Hungrybox
4. Leffen
5. Professor Pro

Be sure to follow the London prodigy as he travels the world in the coming months:





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