Introducing VwS H1Z1

Sun 26th Feb 2017 - 10:35pm : Gaming

VwS Gaming is proud to announce our re-entry into competitive H1Z1, this time being with a fully composed team of five. With the announcement of H1Z1's $300k team tournament, the game's competitive scene is looking to establish into something bigger than anyone has imagined. With just under 2 months until the event is aired on television, players worldwide are looking to form teams to not only receive an invite, but take their own share of the $300,000 prize pool against the world's highest ranked players.


Dan Fairfield - "I am very excited to announce that our team will be pairing up with VwS Gaming. Our team consists of dedicated players that have competed in numerous levels of competition in console gaming, including MLG events where we've played Halo at a professional/semi-professional level. We have put together a team with the experience and passion to do what it takes to excel in competitive gaming. We are now looking forward to taking our future of competitive gaming into H1Z1."


Be sure to follow each player on their social media and Twitch streams:

Sean "ElectriK" O'Mara
Twitter: @SeanElectriK

Rob "HSLightKing" Sans
Twitter: @hslightking

Dan "SepseveN" Fairfield
Twitter: @_SepseveN_

Alex "VoRLiN" Walger
Twitter: @VoRLiN

Dom "Zyfe" Soegono
Twitter: @TheZyfe




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