What makes a good eSports player?

Thu 26th Feb 2015 - 3:14am : Gaming

What makes a good eSports player?

As the eSports industry continues to thrive and grow - and with big events such X-Games and the League of Legends world championship becoming more common - it is likely that the pool of high skilled players in games will increase. This is because people will aim for the eSports industry as a job, aiming to live up to role models that drove them to reach that point. However, there is a lot behind what becoming a successful player in the world of eSports, besides the raw talent that a player may have.

  1. Passion

As is likely very obvious, a natural passion and enthusiasm for the game is a prevalent when it comes to making a name for yourself in the big leagues. Players who show large volumes of effort to maintain their skill level, and who clearly enjoy the game, are more likely to find their way onto teams, because they already meet the effort requirement needed. Large volumes of practice, along with team analysis and training mean that this is no job to be taken lightly. Anyone who wants to make it in the eSports world requires a certain mind-set, and an enjoyment of games really helps to this.

Look at examples within the LCS, such as Gambit Betsy, TSM Bjergsen and Wildturtle. These players stream regularly and genuinely enjoy the game, meaning that they are constantly able to improve on their game and succeed.

  1. Positive Attitude

Again, obvious to most people, but players really need to be positive in all situations. In such a volatile industry, things can change from good to bad in an instant, and remaining positive in moments such as this is key to overcoming the challenges faced.

We’ve all seen what happens to the toxic players within the League community, with bans for Nukeduck, FORG1V3N and lifetime bans (e.g Incarnation) for other players for DDOSing.

If, instead of becoming toxic when games don’t go to plan, the players could have looked at the game in a different light, and improved on their own game. Having a positive attitude and always having hope can often help turn games into a players favour, and people who are able to remain positive are definitely more likely to succeed.

Another good example of where positive attitude shines through, is in the countless 3-2 comeback series in both LCS playoffs and the relegation tournaments. When teams are able to remain positive even after 2 losses, anything is possible!

  1. Humility

This is a key trait to any player being successful. Players should show large amounts of humility at every point within the spotlight. Players who are cocksure and big headed are often far worse to play with in group situations, and therefore may cause a team to collapse. With high levels of arrogance, a false sense of security, which can easily be a downfall when something goes wrong.

By remaining humble about any situation, it makes the team as a whole feel better. Cloud 9 are a great example of how to be humble after every match. The LoL team never call out a star player, and always describe situations using phrases such as ‘the team’ or ‘we’. However small this may be, it ensures that all players remain down to Earth and mould well as a team outside of the game.

  1. Physical Fitness

Players who are physically fit have higher stamina levels. Simple as that. That stamina level can be a key to victory in a long, tense series. Stamina is a less of an issue in eSports compared to other, physically intense sports, but should still be built up by any individual looking to make a name in the scene.

  1. Inquisitive mind

This trait is something that people may not think of when trying to become professional in eSports, but it is useful nonetheless. The people who are open to trying new strategies, or who conjure up unique methods and tricks to use in game, may actually be more interesting to prospective teams, because it makes them unique.

Players who bring something new to the table are likely to be tried out far more often than others, simply because the pockets picks or strategies can be pulled out at any point, and are incredibly hard to adapt to in pro play. Take GV Keane’s Hecarim mid lane for example. Although the game was a loss, Keane was able to obliterate his lane opponent simply because he had no idea how to counter Hecarim in his lane.

  1. Acknowledgement of mistakes

Knowing when you have made a mistake is key to improving in a game, whether it be League, Starcraft or CS: GO. Once you have realised that often, your losses / deaths (etc.) are down to YOUR mistake, not your teams, you will see improvement in your game more rapidly. Players who are willing to stand up and accept that they made a mistake are more liked by a team (in most cases) as well.

  1. Good communication skills

Communication is key when both in game and out of game. Making and listening to calls, as well as informing teammates in game means that communication is always needed. Outside of game, any issues that arise within a team need to be brought up to the managers, but it needs to be done in a mature way.

Having good communication skills allow for all these processes to occur more smoothly. That can only be a good thing, right?

  1. Friendliness

Of course, there are many other things that make someone a good eSports figure, but being friendly is one of the most important. Those who are open to conversation, are happy to talk, and clearly express their feelings, can easily make friends within the industry and again, make friends once they join a team.

All in all, being friendly makes the whole team experience a more enjoyable one. If this is the case, then the team is more likely to be successful, and the good atmosphere can help to snowball all the other characteristics wanted in a player. There are many more things needed to make a player successful, but overall these key features listed are those that are needed to make a player shine out amongst the others.

To all those grinding out solo queue as you read this, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. If you’re high elo, then there’s always a chance! Look at the success stories all throughout the eSports scene! If you’re someone who meets all the things listed above, then good news, you’re already on the way!

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