L.A.S.T Week 2 Preview

Wed 1st Apr 2015 - 6:09pm : Gaming

Hello, and welcome back to our very own coverage of the group stage for L.A.S.T.! This week, VwS face a tough challenge in searching for a win against Inertia Gaming. Match details and links will be at the bottom of the page!

Inertia boast the title of being the first team to reach the Master rating, but they’re not the only ones pushing for supremacy. VwS are actually far ahead of them quantitatively on the ladder by an almost 400 point margin, second only to “Sams Clams”. The two teams have met before in their Challenger matches, with their most recent game being only 3 weeks ago.

The result of that match was a win in VwS’s favor, but there is no space for complacency when a $10,000 prize pool is on the line. Both teams play a similar style, but statistically, Inertia lack objective control on turrets that will be necessary against VwS’s aggressive early game pushing. This being said, VwS will need to be on the lookout for Ted Stickles’s high impact jungle champions. His champion pool screams “Ganks!” and will be an issue for every lane if they aren’t on their toes. Inertia have an almost impossibly high 93% win rate when they pick Jarvan 4, arguably one of the more dominating junglers in the recent meta.

The odds are far from being against VwS though, as they’ll certainly have a plan to either force errors in lane to build a gold lead or have strategic wards to prevent any possible ganking opportunities. I believe that this game will be decided on the actions of the junglers though, and VwS’s high win-rate Lee Sin might be just the mobile jungler they need to get across lanes and counter gank while being able to provide peel for Jarvan’s hard initiation.

As much as we can talk statistics and theories, there’s only one way to find out how the match goes, and that’s to tune into it live on! The game is scheduled to be streamed on Saturday, the 4th of April at 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. Make sure to keep updated on the standings of other teams within the tournament at

Wish VwS the best of luck! And in case you won’t be able to watch the match, make sure to check out our post-match review here at!




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