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Thu 14th May 2015 - 7:27pm : Gaming

The newly-minted European Smash Circuit has got a lot of players this side of the Atlantic very excited indeed, and looking at the first couple of events in that competition it is fair to say that hype is justifiable right now. Following HF Lan, Smash Edition, the second event on the circuit and the first to be held in France, we caught up with VwS Professor Pro to talk about the event, Amsah, his performance, and why £50p hotdogs rule.


First off, Melee, and you took 3rd in singles. How do you think you performed overall, and were you expecting Amsah to do so well?

I wasn't really happy with my performance even though I got 3rd. Every time I get better at smash it always makes me realize how I'm not good enough yet, and that is definitely birthed from high expectations and goals. I was pretty surprised when Amsah took a set off of Zhu. I most definitely did not expect to see that, but it was good on him.


You've obviously improved over the last two years to be contending for top 3 at these events. How much of that is work, and how much is travelling to events like HFLan and playing top players?

I feel like a completely different player over the last two years. Playing different people and top players has definitely been the biggest factor behind my improvement and work, so it's really hard to separate the two. I think everyone has noticed it and it's definitely reflected in my results that I've changed as a player, and even my fellow UK player Alex 'Jolteon' Bowden told me 'I've become a much more disciplined player' which I never really noticed until he said it.


Project M was very tough, with Armada taking that after a pivotal stock in game 3 of Grand Finals. How do you think you played in that competition, and how did the final pan out in your eyes?

Everyone kept on telling me that Armada made a 3 stock comeback, and honestly, I actually didn't even realise. A lot of the time I just kind-of zone out during games. I know I could have played a lot better and it became apparent that I have to keep up with my Project M gameplay since I've separated my smash time largely in Melee's favour, but I can't drop behind in ANY WAY on my Project M game either. So expect to see improved gameplay from this point forward.


Overall, with a big UK representation and a lot of side events, HF Lan looked a fun event. How did you feel it went, and what were the highlights?

Tekk beating Zhu was probably one of the best highlights for the event. I didn't expect it in anyway and I was incredibly happy for him. And let's not forget about HF-Lan having the most godly food supply ever. I've literally never been to an event so good at providing food for smashers. Those two things would be the highlights for me. 50p hotdogs with BBQ sauce were too good.


Although you’ve climbed the ladder, there is still a class system with the two gods and everyone else in Europe. How big is the gap between Armada, Leffen and the rest right now in EU, and who is closest to closing it?

The gap, between Armada, Leffen and the rest of EU is still pretty big. I think that me and Ice are the most likely candidates to closing it and there's a reason I'm missing out Amsah. As great as he is, it doesn't seem like he's going to train to actually break the barrier, which is an ABSOLUTELY key factor which I think takes him out of the equation.


Finally, where will you be next?

I’m travelling to Scotland this weekend for a tournament, and then I’ll be off to the Netherlands for another EU event called JST, which has both Project M and Melee. Other than that, tune in to my stream for my raise the UK series, and look out for updates on, twitter and facebook.



There you have it, and Prof is off north for the weekend again, to play at OSU in Glasgow. With JMiller making an impact in Smash 4 and Prof leading the way for PM as well as making great strides in Melee, this is an exciting time for UK Smash, and the EU circuit has come at the perfect moment. It’s fair to say the battle in Melee is for third right now, with Ice the current incumbent, but whoever wins that will be set up to make a real charge at the top two over the next year or so, and there is every chance that will be Prof himself.


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