VwS and 8-12hz Make an Effective Partnership

Tue 19th May 2015 - 11:02pm : Gaming

Today we are happy to announce another stellar company has joined the #VwSFamily, please welcome Effectve 8-12Hz our new sponsor.

Effectve 8-12Hz are well known in the eSports scenes of both Call of Duty and Halo with a reputation for supporting some of the best teams and events.  For those fans wondering, we’ve given you a bit of background info on our new partner below, which should not only introduce you to the firm, but also show why they get such great results.

The 8-12Hz name is actually derived from the Alpha wave frequencies in our brain. 8-12Hz is the range in which most people gain an aspect of relaxed focus and is the key to performing at your peak.  Most athletes and pro players tested have been shown to operate in what the company calls the alpha state of mind.

8-12 themselves describe it this way. ‘8-12Hz is a Neural Gum consisting of nutraceutical formulations in a sublingual, functional-effect, gum-delivery system.  8-12Hz ingredients include Ashwagandha and L-theanine, pairing the two ingredients and delivering them sublingually creates a state of relaxed alertness to put you in the zone for up to 3-4 hours at a time.’

From our point of view as an organisation, this move is a wholly positive one, and one that CEO Joe Levy is delighted with. “After extensive research we believe we have found a company with the same outlook on eSports and gaming as our own, and we are hugely excited to get started on our work together. This is only the start of what I believe will be a significant relationship for VwS as a group.”

Likewise 8-12 are delighted to be formalising their relationship with VwS and diving further into the world of eSports. “Effectve 812 has been a supporter of the esports community for the past 3 years supporting gaming events, organizations and teams. Through this partnership with VwS Gaming we look to grow awareness and trial within the explosive League of Legends community.  We are certain the healthy choice of using 812 for 3-4 hours of focused alertness will be a welcome alternative to energy drinks for gamers worldwide”, said Dave Bagchi – Effectve 8-12Hz Brand Manager. “Whether our players need to focus on practice, settle nerves on the main stage or even employ 8-12Hz for school work/exams the benefits will be vast.   The option of utilising 8-12Hz to get in the zone for 3-4 Hours at a time is an exciting one, to be able to tap into that whenever our players want to is fascinating and we can’t wait to see the results it will bring.”

VwS will be diving straight into some exciting content with 8-12Hz at the forefront and also have huge plans to include our fans and make sure they have a chance to benefit from the partnership too.  Keep your eyes open for a very exciting set of giveaways starting soon for your chance to try the product yourself and get into the ‘alpha zone’.

To find out more about 8-12Hz please visit their network below and don’t forget to use our new code “VwSGaming” for 25% off and free shipping at

Please follow both the VwS Gaming and 8-12Hz Network below to keep up to date.




Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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