The #LongGrass :: Week 1

Thu 21st May 2015 - 6:47pm : Gaming

Hello and welcome to the very first addition of Enter the #LongGrass brought to you by 8-12Hz.


Recently we sat down with our newly signed MKX star Eric “Agent” Herman to learn about his past, hobbies and aims for the future.  Sit back, relax and get to know one of the newest faces of VwS.



Hi Eric, welcome to the first #LongGrass interview, good day so far?


Excellent so far, it’s great to be here.


Ok so let’s begin. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into gaming and what it means to you.


Well for starters, I’m from South Carolina but now reside in Virginia and gaming means EVERYTHING. I have been gaming since I was 5.


How did you learn of VwS and what made you take the jump from unsigned star to VwS’ very first MKX player?


I learned of VwS through a mutual friend. Big shout out to Alessio. What made me make the jump to sign is the opportunity to grow and be a part of something with structure. Being the first MKX player on the roster is BIG for me.


How quick was the process from meeting with the management here and deciding to sign on the dotted line?


The process was lightening fast. We had a few quick chats on Skype with management, and within the next couple of days an offer was presented and accepted.


Now I know you must be extremely excited to begin your journey under the VwS banner, can you share with us some of your aims and goals for yourself as a player within the thriving MKX scene?


I’m extremely excited to represent the company.  My aims and goals are to learn the game fundamentals thoroughly to enhance my placement in tournaments.  My main focus is becoming a better overall player.


Let’s learn a bit more about yourself as an MKX player.


What is your current play style, what characters do you main and why?


My current play style…. This game it’s different. Normally I play a lot of rush down characters. This time around I picked a zoner.  I selected Quan Chi as he contains the perfect mix for me.  He can keep you out, but has a strong neutral game in cases where close encounters confront themselves.  But I can say I’m patiently awaiting Predator ;)


Who are your Inspirations as an up and coming player within the scene?


My inspirations in the FGC  Sonic Fox. I really respect the kids’ skill set. He’s young and only gonna get better.


What are your favorite games outside of Mortal Kombat?


It’s difficult to select a specific game, as I love all types. If I had to choose, I would say Action RPG’s. There is no comparison to a great story line and leveling up.


When you’re not playing games, what do you do to pass the time (what are your hobbies)?


When I’m not playing games, I am tending to my beautiful daughter and working full time as a Welder. I enjoy traveling and plan on doing a lot in the future.


Thank you for your time and one last question before we finish off, where can everyone find you i.e. social media links?


You can find me on Twitter @Agent4709 and also on Twitch at I will be starting a new YouTube channel soon.  I frequent both social sites, so please follow for all updates on my progression throughout this journey.


Do you have any shout outs?


First and foremost I want to thank you guys for the opportunity to be the first MK player and giving me a shot at being a part of something nothing less than great. Big shout outs to my crew “Fc” They helped me get to the level that I am at now. Big shout outs to the ones that believed in me. They are the ones that mean the most as they see my vision and encourage me to bring it to fruition.



Thanks once more Eric, we’re very much looking forward to seeing your progression here at VwS and you can be assured of the #VwSFamily support as you take your steps up the MKX Ladder!


Our next #LongGrass interview will be with yet another VwS MKX starlet, the hugely talented CSkillz.  If you’d like to know more about any VwS players or staff then comment below and we’ll be sure to bring you more interviews in the near future.

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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