The #LongGrass :: Week 3

Thu 4th Jun 2015 - 6:12pm : Gaming

Hello and welcome to the third addition of Enter the #LongGrass brought to you by 8-12Hz.

Today we welcome our highly talented CS:GO team captain Michael “MFX” Finn to join us and discuss his time at VwS, and the teams current progress. 


Let’s get started!

Hello Michael, welcome to the third #LongGrass interview, did you happen to catch our last two interviews with our newest additions to the #VwSFAM?


Yes, I did catch the last two interviews! I'm super excited the VwS CSGO squad finally gets to participate in one :-)



Ok so let’s begin. 

So let’s start with a bit about yourself, how you got into gaming and what it means to you.


I got into gaming at a really young age; I was about 12 or 13 playing Counter-Strike 1.6. It was mainly my older brothers that got me into it, but gaming stuck with me a lot longer than them. Honestly gaming is everything to me, and if I could do it 24/7 I would!


How do you feel the team chemistry is with the new roster, and what do you feel you guys need to work on more as a whole?


Well at first (of course with any team) it seemed awkward playing with new people for the first time in a while. CONVICT, iLLusive, and GRAMPZ have been together for such a long time, and so have jcrueL and I, but it taken us some time to finally click. The main thing we need to work on is dedicating time to practice. At the beginning of ESEA and CEVO, practice was tough to get together, and it showed in our match results. Although since then, we have fixed that problem, and we feel like an unstoppable force.


With the team competing in both the ESEA and CEVO ladders this time around, how do you think this benefited the team and how are you feeling about future games as the season(s) come to an end?


There are pros and cons to competing in both ladders at the same time. The pros are that you are gaining league experience, and experience against other 5 man teams, which you won’t get anywhere else. The cons are that you have to dedicate a lot of your time to matches, and lose out on time practicing for those matches. We are confident in winning both ladders, I'm calling it now. #2Rings1Season


Not too long ago the team was sent out a little care package containing some 8-12hz Gaming Gum and Razer Nabu X’s from our lovely sponsors, what were your overall thoughts of everything?


We couldn't be happier with the care packages we received! The 8-12hz Gaming Gum is fantastic, I didn't know what relaxed alertness felt like until I tried it. Definitely gives you an advantage in a game like CSGO. The Razer Nabu is a really cool product too and I see myself using it every day!

Thanks VwS!


Who are your Inspirations as an up and coming player within the scene?


I would say my main Inspiration is JW from team Fnatic. In my opinion he is the most unique AWPer in the game, he invented his own play style that I think only he could pull off. I hope to one day be as dominant as him.


What are yours and the team’s goals/aims as a whole for the future?

Our main goal is to climb the ESEA / CEVO ladders to eventually be invited to their own respective LANs. I think as a team, for a while now, that’s been everyone’s individual goal. We just finally have right team to do so. It’s only a matter of time before we're on top.


Thank you for your time and one last question before we finish off, where can everyone find you i.e. social media links?

 We all follow back ;)


Do you have any shout outs?


Of course! Shout out to the VwS Family for being amazing! Shout out to Team Razer and effectve 8-12hz gaming gum for hooking us up! And shout out to the BALDWIN.


Fantastic Michael, we are looking forward to seeing the team progress and finishing this season with two rings! #2Rings1Season

Join us the same time next week with episode 4 of Enter the #LongGrass as we pick up with the newly signed Smash Star JMiller.

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