Gfinity Premier Division Launch

Fri 5th Jun 2015 - 7:52pm : Gaming

The Gfinity Pro League contestants were finalized after LoS Real claimed the 8th and final team spot within the league. They will be accompanying our very own VwS roster in representation of the qualified teams, battling against the invited teams otherwise known as some of the finest teams in the European scene. As some of you may know, VwS Gaming sealed their spot just a few days prior, becoming the 7th team to claim their spot. The squad is planning to make a great showing at the launch of the inaugural Call of Duty EU Pro League at Gfinity studios. Harry "Joocybrah" Smith, member of the VwS Gaming roster will be unable to attend the European Premier therefore the VwS team has picked up a more than suitable substitute in the player known as “LXT”. The team feels more than confident that they can create a positive impact in their premier matches that will set them on a strong course throughout this season and give them a chance at claiming their share of the £15k. Be sure to watch all the matches covered live by Gfinity at

For more information on VwS’s progress be sure to follow the team:


Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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