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Thu 25th Jun 2015 - 4:10pm : Gaming

Today we are happy to announce that we have officially partnered with yet another amazing company, gameplay lag-killers Netduma.  This move rounds off an exciting period of growth for VwS with a large number of new players, new scenes and great new partners to work with, and sets the org up for a period of sustained success.  

To give you some more information on our new partners we’ve laid out exactly who Netduma are and how they can benefit not just the VwS Family but also the majority of game lovers the world over. 

Netduma are a company founded by two huge fans of and former competitive players in the Halo series, both of whom based the UK.  After spending years online playing games they found that like the majority of us, they hated lag.  Instead of just complaining though, these guys sat down and spent a long time thinking about just what they could do about the issue.  In December 2014 they released their Netduma R1 to the world, a high-tech router that would go on to cause a bit of a storm in the eSports world.  

The router works in a variety of ways but here is a simple breakdown of what the R1 can do and why it’s so important for gaming –

“At Netduma, we hate lag as much as you do. So we have created the Netduma R1 router, the only router in the world designed from the ground up to crush lag, by giving you the power to:

  1. Never play a long distance, laggy game (GEO Filter)
  2. Eliminate lag caused by others’ downloading and uploading (Anti-Flood)
  3. Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices (Device Prioritisation)
  4. Avoid laggy hosts (Allow & Deny)
  5. Measure the quality of your game’s connection (Ping Stats)
  6. Easily configure your perfect settings

Launched in December 2014, the Netduma router is already used by gamers in over 35 countries, has been nominated for the British Inventors’ Project and has received universal acclaim.”  You can read more about the Netduma here - 

Our CEO Joe Levy had the following to say regarding the partnership: “With majority of today’s competition being online, it’s important for our players to be able to play without any limitations. The Netduma router is the perfect answer to LAG and will be a significant factor in our player’s performance in tournament and league play.”

Luke Barlow of Netduma also spoke about partnering with VwS: “The Netduma R1 is the best gaming router with many features to combat lag, so we are delighted to partner with VwS to give their players that all important edge when gaming online. If you take gaming seriously then check out and use the code ‘VwS’ to get 5% off our revolutionary router”.

Over the coming weeks we will be testing the R1 in a variety of ways and showing off its huge potential to the VwS Family, as well as providing our pros with truly lagless practice. If you’d like to learn more about the R1 then please visit the link above and also stay tuned to the following social media:

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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