The #LongGrass :: Week 8

Thu 16th Jul 2015 - 8:13pm : Gaming

Hello and welcome to the eighth edition of Enter the #LongGrass brought to you by 8-12Hz.

This week we're talking to none other than our new VwS COD player - Josh "Realize" Taylor.

We’ll start off just by asking you to introduce yourself to the fans.


Hi, my name is Josh Taylor and I am newest addition to the VwS COD roster.


Tell us a bit about yourself and where you're from.


Well I am from Liverpool, I’m 21, (22 next week), I have recently finished university where I studied engineering, and I have just started working. I have been playing CoD at a high level for around 6-7 years now.


How did you get into gaming and what made you want to compete?


Well to make things a bit shorter, I played CoD4 on release and used to play every day from when I get home from school. After a month or two I remember someone showing me Gamebattles and he briefly explained to me what it was about and basically told me to sign up. I remember seeing an old XL event on the TV around this time too, that really opened my eyes to the scene and gave me the initial boost.


How would you classify yourself as a player i.e. Play style, role etc?


I’m an AR slayer, I like to hold and create lanes for my team mates. Some people call me a statue, but I think it’s a bit of an over exaggeration.


What is your most memorable event experience and why is this greater than the rest?


This is a tough one, it is definitely between qualifying for CoD Champs back on Ghosts , or taking Optic to last map at EGL8 when they went unbeaten throughout the majority of the game.


Being the new addition on the roster how are you and the boys getting along in game and what do you feel you guys have to work on?


Considering I have not known Nick or Brian for that long, we get on really well and it is definitely one of the more enjoyable teams I have played in over the years. Our main problem at the moment is our HP, but I think once we get our final player and get a bit of chemistry going we will be sorted, I can see us challenging the top teams at the next event.


How are you settling into life as a VwS Player and what do you enjoy most about being with the organisation so far?


I am settling in very well, everyone has been very welcoming and it is definitely one of the better organisation I have been a part of. I find it very settling that I can speak to yourselves about anything and be completely honest.


What are your aims/goals as a player and going forward as a team?


Well as always the main goal with any team is to win. Winning is the main objective along with sticking together for as long as possible and working on any problems we encounter.


Do you have any shout outs?


Thanks to Matt and Joe for having me on board. And shout out to the 5th set. 

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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