VwS Announces Gears of War Team

Wed 22nd Jul 2015 - 8:11pm : Gaming

Today we are excited to announce that VwS will be entering the Gears of War Scene!

With the exciting announcements from E3 regarding both a new Gears of War and of course the GoW Ultimate Edition we felt what better time than to look into picking up a squad for the potential return of LAN events.


 VwS is entering into the Gears of War scene with two exciting talents and they will be looking to add to their roster in the coming weeks. 


 The squad consists of:

Dean “ Spuggy “ Hall
Michael “ Wolfer “ Fowler

 Please join us in welcoming them to the #VwS Family


CEO Joe shared his thoughts on entering into the Gears of War Scene: "We found a good group of guys here, and we can't wait to make stuff happen with the release of the new gears to take everything to the next level."

Dean “Spuggy” Hall had this to say on joining VwS:  “My team and I are very happy to be joining VwS Gaming. I am looking forward to helping the organisation going forward and we won't disappoint. We will be giving our all in every tournament we play and every LAN event we attend. We are looking forward to seeing what the future brings for us and VwS‏”

As we mentioned above, the lads will be looking for 2 more players to fit their roster and we would like to open the opportunity to anyone with a keen interest in Gears of War regardless of experience. If you would like to try out for the team then please contact Dean here -


Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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