VwS COD – Gfinity #EUProLeague Final Day Recap

Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - 12:45pm : Gaming

Yesterday saw the VwS Call of Duty team line up against Millennium in a tense affair that could see the losing side relegated from the pro league for this season.   With VwS CoD languishing in 7th place (one spot above last placed OverGaming) it was essential to get 3 points knowing it would secure their spot for the forthcoming season. 

The confusion however lay in the fact that a draw could potentially also see VwS and Millennium go through dependant on other scores in the league.   The tension was high and the players worked hard during the down time from the last match (a draw vs HyperGames) to correct any mistakes and focus on the final game of the season.

Starting on Detroit HardPoint, VwS quickly took a decisive victory 250-117.  This was a good start for the team and confidence grew going into x map.  Another victory followed with the 21-9 on Comeback Uplink, but you could never write Millennium out of this contest.   SND on Solar would prove to show just that with VwS taking a commanding 4-1 lead before succumbing to Millennium pressure and losing out 6-5 to take the series to 2-1 overall.   With nerves potentially playing their part the next game could prove the swing however VwS battled to a win on Biolab uplink 9-6 and brought the series to 3-1, guaranteeing a point but not necessarily safety in the league.

VwS and Millennium would play out a draw on Biolab HP 202-202 but Millennium would strike a blow taking the replay 223-180 to take the series to 3-2. VwS would rally once more however and take the final SND on Terrace 6-3 to take the series and secure the win and 3 points. 

Fantastic work from @VwS_Nolson @VwS_Realize @VwS_Braaain & @VwS_Robz for subbing in for the squad.  VwS CoD will be in the Gfinity Pro League for next season and with new addition @VwS_Jake we expect this highly talented team to build and grow together going forwards.

Final League Position/Table

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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