Match Recap Against WinOutNET

Mon 28th Sep 2015 - 7:11pm : General : Gaming

Starting up our 6th match of the Season 20, the map was Mirage. The pistol round began quick and strong from VwS with a strong 3K from Yay and 2K from Cutlazz, taking the round easily. Their momentum went on into the next 2 rounds to clean up the anti-ecos. By the end of Round 3, Yay had 7 kills and Cutlazz had 6 kills. Round 4 was the first buy round for WinOut, but didn't start out in their favor. Cutlazz got the first pick of the round through smoke, and went on to clean up the round, giving him the ace. The next round almost was a disaster as WinOut was saving, but through a fake to the B site, the last player alive was able to plant A and almost waste time to win the round. Thankfully, Chadwix runs quickly to the bomb and defuses it with the backup of his teammates. At the end of this round, Cutlazz is going strong at 12 kills and 0 deaths. Unfortunately, Solace timed out at the start of Round 6, starting the team off in a 4v5. This gives WinOut their first round of the match. This gave WinOut the momentum to bring the score to 5-7, after a 5-0 lead from VwS. In Round 13, Yay goes aggressive to start off the round with a 3K entry to bring it to a 5v2, but unfortunately, Pho gets 4 kills and 1v2 clutches the round. The half ends at 7-8, in favor of WinOut.

The second half pistol round, on Terrorist side, began strong yet again with VwS pushing A to get the bomb down. Yay took the long route over to connector, where he flanked the WinOut squad, with eventually Cutlazz being left in a 1v3 with all 3 members of WinOut on the bomb. Luckily, Cutlazz takes all three of them down to win the second pistol round of the game. Unfortunately though, the strat to B just didn't work out, giving WinOut the eco win, after getting the bomb down which was being held strongly by both Pho and Drone from WinOut. The round after this was looking like it could've gone in our favor to crush WinOut's economy on CT side, but unfortunately, Yay couldn't finish off the 1v4, overall losing in a 1v1 situation. Round 4 of the second half went amazing as it was a save round, for the exception of Cutlazz and Yay with armor. They were both able to entry into the round, sacrificing themselves for information, giving us the eco round win. This started the momentum for VwS, going into Round 7 of the second half with a 3 round streak, making it 4 after Yay and Solace aggresively entry WinOut to a 1v5 situation, where agM is the last alive to save a rifle for his team. Round 9 of the second half was where the VwS streak ended. Round 10 was almost won by VwS, where Solace was left in a 1v3 situation, eventually losing the last 1v1 battle, with WinOut winning by a split second defuse. The WinOut squad goes on to win 2 rounds, but has to force buy to save themselves from match point when they lose in Round 26, leaving the score at 14-12. ChuckWallace strongly wins a 1v1 in Round 27 to bring VwS to match point at 15-12. The round after this was unfortunate, as WinOut forced yet again with pistols and armor, but was able to bring the round home after Pho holds B site with Fruit flanking the rest of the VwS players. Unfortunately, WinOut wins Round 30 with a close 1v1 situation to bring the match into Overtime!

Round 1 of the Overtime first half, starting on Terrorist side, was disastrous as WinOut got 2 strong entries, bringing it to a 3v5. VwS pushes WinOut as quick as they can, bringing the round to a 3v2 with 3 strong frags going in favor of VwS. Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish the round as WinOut won a 3v2 situation in favor of VwS after bomb was planted on the B site. Round 2 started off strong as Yay just pushes through WinOut's defence, giving him a 3K entry and finishes off the round with a 4K. The first half of Overtime ended off 1-2, in favor of WinOut. We couldn't hold off WinOut's pushes, as they finish the game by bringing home the first 2 rounds of the second Overtime half, ending the game at 17-19. Although this was a loss for us, the scoreboard definitely showed how crazy players from WinOut and VwS were going. Cutlazz finished off with 33 kills, as well as Yay finishing off with 39. To speak for WinOut as well, Pho finished off with 33, as well as Fruit finishing off by far with 45 kills at the end of the game, going into 36 rounds.





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