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Thu 18th Jun 2015 - 8:23pm : General : Gaming

UK Smash is growing, and VwS have been a part of that for a while. With Smash 4 on the rise, we were desperate to help support the EU and UK scene for that game too, and when the chance came to sign one of the European elite and the UK’s finest, we didn’t hesitate. As a result, we are proud to bring you our first interview with new Smash 4 pro JMiller.


Hi there James, we’ll start off just by asking you to introduce yourself to the fans. Who are you, and where are you from?

My name is James Miller-Igietseme AKA J.Miller. I live in London, England.


How long have you been playing fighters in general, and Smash 4 in particular?

I have been playing fighting games pretty much for as long as I have been gaming which is from decades ago. In terms of competitive play, I have been a fighting game player since 2008. Smash Bros for Wii U, I have been playing since the initial 3DS release date.


What got you into competitive gaming? Did you have any heroes or inspirations?

I've always been a competitive gamer, not to the point I want to hurl my pad at a wall if I lose... but I can't say I didn't enjoy winning or want to win more often than not. If I was treating whatever I was playing seriously, then it's likely I'm playing to win. As the  years went by it just kept growing. I don't have any particular sole inspiration or hero I idolise or look up to but I am always appreciative of multiple gaming figureheads of multiple games I play. I watch as I go along and from there form my own opinions and outlooks, if I'm not analysing myself I'm looking at other strong examples that I can learn from.


What are your thoughts on the European series and Smash 4 being part of those events?

I enjoy any event in which Smash for Wii U is featured, I would like to attend any event in the circuit to test and prove myself. In terms of what I think of the circuit as a whole it's a great thing for European Melee smash players and if it brings competition from outside EU then it's only going to invigorate everyone to get better.


What do you want to achieve as a pro, aside from winning?

I want to strengthen the skill level in the UK, I do not want to just have a handful of strong players. I've always wanted to be challenged because I'm constantly thinking about being able to compete with whoever I'm up against regardless of if I'm in England or aboard. I genuinely enjoy helping anyone who asks for advice, if they are willing to be dedicated to what they want to be better at for themselves and it's a long lasting motivation.  Aside from winning, helping others is something that I like to do because it helps me also maintain being a constant goal I have which is attempting to be a notably strong player.


So, you’re part of a group called Legacy of Minds, what is that about?

Legacy of Minds is a team/sponsor based in South London Croydon, dedicated to running tournaments for multiple games. Gaming in general has been a notable part of life for the members and the asiprations within the team are more than big enough to keep pushing to the point we become well known for providing multiple memorable experiences casually/socially and for tournament play.


Where can the fans next see you on stream?

Stream sadly not so sure..., but I hope to be in Valencia in August for an event. In terms of matches and youtube I can be found primarily on SmashUK. My Twitter is VwS | LoM JMiller




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