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Sat 7th Mar 2015 - 2:58pm : Gaming

Gaming accessories are big business these days, and with multi-billion companies supporting the competitive aspect it’s hardly surprising that players will seek to gain an edge. Custom controllers and keyboards are nice, but every player knows that one of the biggest problems you can face is either cold or sweaty hands when you’re playing.

There are a number of options on the market to deal with this, and recent times have seen sportswear companies move into the eSports world in an effort to take advantage of a growing demographic. After taking the winter months to use, review and research one such accessory, I thought what better time to sit down and give the Gamer Gloves Version 1's a proper test to let you all know what you can expect from the product.

If you're unfamiliar with Gamer Gloves (GAM3R GLOV3S) then have no fear, we will also be delving into the company as well as the product over these next few paragraphs before I get stuck into my personal experience and conclusions on whether the gloves are worth buying. 

So, who are Gamer Gloves and just what is a Gamer Glove? Gamer Gloves are a company, based in the United States, that deliver high quality gloves aimed at use for sporting and gaming activities, as the name suggests. Founded in March of 2011 by Blake Friesen and Geoff Irwin, the company steadily built up a strong reputation in the eSports market with their Version 1 Gamer Gloves. With regular visits to events and even an appearance at the European EGL 8 event, the company as a whole are well travelled and understand the eSports scene. (If you’d like to, you can hear their thoughts in this from EGL 8 with Kerry Bennett aka KerrBear   

As you can see in the picture above, the grip is limited to the thumb, the main area of movement for players using analogue sticks. This is about keeping the weight of the product down as well as allowing for maximum tactile response from the controller and ease of movement during play. 

The Review: The Gamer Gloves version 1's come in light green or light orange, and looking at the sizing chart here ( you can see there is a size available to fit most people. As mentioned my green pair of Gamer Gloves came in large and whilst my hands were snug in the gloves, the GG's fabric does stretch slightly to accommodate. I believe that an XL pair would have suited me better but sizing issues are easily rectified with the great customer service you can expect.

In terms of actually playing with the gloves on, initially I was aware it was something I wasn’t used to. I have tried out a variety of gaming equipment over my years of playing but gloves have not been something I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing when killing aliens, soldiers or walking mushrooms. As someone who has lived in their fair share of cold houses in the glorious but not always tropically warm United Kingdom, these gloves have an instant and obvious appeal. Jokes aside, the Gamer Gloves keep your hands warm, which is not only pleasant in the winter months, but essential for high level play and also for good circulation.

Having cold hands ultimately means slower reactions and less precise movement, as well as increasing your odds of injury. A slower reaction time means a higher probability of mistakes – speaking as a former competitive Halo player mistakes mean a bad kill/death ratio and your team mates wondering if you’ve touched a magic basketball recently, or maybe just had a few too many drinks.

Gamer Gloves warm your hands up and keep them warm, gets a tick in the box from me, but the advantages over normal gloves are immediately obvious.  The fabric is light, the added grip on the thumb allows more maneuverability and overall the experience is a good one. Gamer Gloves keep your hands warm without making you sweat, in fact the gloves seem to remove sweating from the experience entirely. After playing for long stretches my hands were as dry as they were initially, warmer and the gloves had no signs of sweat after use. All of this is excellent news and speaks highly of the product.

However there are some minor issues I found in regards to the Gamer Gloves version 1’s. Other than the own sizing issue, which the company are aware of and are working on with the next generation gloves in the works, the only thing that could improve the product is a wider range of colours and design. We’ve heard whispers this is in the works for Gamer Gloves down the line, and although the current crop are far from ugly there may be a larger selection of colours in future for customers.

In conclusion, if you want a pair of cool looking gloves that keep your hands warm, stop you sweating and stay comfortable for long gaming stretches then these are the gloves for you, although you’d be wise to take a size up from what you’d normally buy.  With the Version 2’s announced but no date currently set for launch you can expect both a preview and an exciting hands-on video from our CEO in the near future.  For more information on Gamer Gloves please visit and check out their YouTube and Facebook pages here. If you’d like to buy yourself a pair of Gamer Gloves then why not make the most of being a VwS fan and use our 10% Discount code “VwS” at checkout.



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