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Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - 12:49pm : Gaming

Hello and welcome to my review of the Venom Twin Docking Station


First and foremost my name is Matt Cooper and I’m the current COO of VwS Gaming (Former Managing Director of Reign eSports).  This week I have been very fortunate to receive a care package through from the fantastic folks over at Venom Gaming HQ, featuring their product the Twin Docking Station for Xbox One. 

As per my usual reviews I’ll start with some information on the company, my initial impressions of the docking station and my overall views during my time using the product this week.


So let’s begin with a little backstory into who Venom Gaming UK are and the sort of products they develop.

Since 1999, UK based Venom has designed and manufactured gaming accessories. They pride themselves on producing quality products at an affordable price. All products are designed in the UK by a dedicated design team to create desirable accessories to enhance the gaming experience.

Venom develop a wide range of products for the most recent generations of consoles.  Products such as Headsets, Charging products and controllers cater to the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 amongst other assorted products such as gaming grips, TV mounts and more. (Please visit to find out more about Venom and the goods above)

The product I have been sent is the Xbox One Twin Docking Station and is the next generation version of the Xbox 360 product they released for the previous console. Venom’s continued work in the battery department is quite notable considering their recent success (The Twin Docking Station is one of Amazon’s best sellers). Their Twin Docking Station is reasonably priced at £14.99 and comes with two rechargeable batteries and a docking station. The price is noteworthy as it is the same price an official Play and Charge kit costs with only one battery.

As you can see from the image above it looks well designed, the product packaging is professional and nicely coloured with good imagery.  It’s very clear in regards to how the product will work.

Upon inspection of the box I see the main benefits of the product and they are as follows -

Store and Charge 2 Xbox One Controllers

2 Rechargeable Batteries Included

Up to 18 Hours of Gameplay

USB Powered (Included)

The above is obviously very important as we go into the review itself, for now though we continue to the unboxing.  The rest of the box promotes the same information albeit in varying languages as well as Venom Gaming UK’s various social media (Which we have included at the bottom of the page)


The Unboxing 

Upon opening the Twin Docking Station box I found the packaging was nice and neat and the products safe and secure. 

The Twin Docking Station itself looks nicely designed, the twin rechargeable batteries and USB Cable are stored neatly and you also receive a small booklet if in need of any assistance – although of course if you own consoles you’re most likely to know where everything goes.

After unboxing I picked up two of my wireless Xbox One controllers and switched out the battery packs, they feel similar in weight but potentially a little lighter.   The Docking Station has 4 small connectors, 2 for each controller and the controllers fit nice and simply onto the station itself.   Even with the controllers docked, the station still doesn’t take up too much room.   The USB Cable shown fits into a small USB port at the back and then of course into the Xbox One itself.

As you can see, once the Docking Station is plugged in you will be made well aware of the current status of charge by the small lights.  Uncharged the product will show a red light and of course once charged the product will show a green light – as seen in the image below.

My time with the Venom Twin Docking Station

After Unboxing and setting up the product It took a short time for the rechargeable battery packs to charge and for the green light to show, I’d say 2-4 hours at maximum. 

As an ex competitive player I’m quite used to the long hours of playing, I’ve also never taken the plunge of buying an official play and charge kit and have lasted this long by paying out for rechargeable batteries – put simply, this product was the perfect fit for me and the perfect testing area for a review.

Once the controllers had charged I spent time on a few of my favoured games, both in CO-OP on Halo as well as Destiny and Mortal Kombat X.  I spent a large time playing throughout the week and rather than charge the controllers once I had finished I purposefully let them run low to test the 18 hour play time statement on the box.   I regularly checked the controller battery icon on the dashboard and as the batteries reached the low point I can safely say that the 18 hour statement is a relatively good shout.  It is important to note however that I prefer playing games with no vibration and as such this may impact other users differently.  Recharging the controllers always takes around the same amount of time however as previously mentioned it’s much more beneficial and logical to keep the controllers in the dock after use.   Importantly Venoms Twin Docking Station charges on standby and so there’s no excuse to be unprepared for a gaming session.


The best statement I can give on the product is that it does what it says on the box, it’s an excellent piece of kit and really benefits people such as myself or those with extra controllers which regularly get used.  The product looks nice although the docking station itself could potentially have been made to look more similar to the stylish Venom emblazoned rechargeable battery packs – i.e the Matte finish.  Aside from that it’s well worth the money and I couldn’t be happier with my time using it so far.


To learn more about Venom Gaming UK and their products, please visit their social media below. 

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Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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