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Fri 21st Aug 2015 - 2:15pm : Gaming

Recently my friends over at VwS Gaming helped me buy some 8-12Hz through them for gaming. I had some reservations about the product and its effects but I wanted to give it a chance.  This is my review on the gaming gum Effectve 8-12Hz. 

So my name is Adam “eXeGUARDIANeXe” Roberts, for most of my adult life I’ve studied sports and have been very sporty and athletic.  I love gaming, Halo in particular and have played it at a number of gaming events in the UK (Top 8 is my best placement so far).  My friend Matt “Kamikaze” introduced me to 8-12Hz a long time ago and I was quite sceptical of a gum having such an effect on players or people. It has taken me a long time to want to try 8-12Hz but recently I used the VwS code to take the plunge.

Effective 8-12Hz Gaming Gum has been around for a good while now, I had seen the company sponsoring Halo in the United States and some of my favourite players.  I had little knowledge about how it worked but did know it was healthy and that around that time, it had caused a bit of a divide with some players loving it and others not so much.  The company always listens to its customers though, and I did notice a huge price drop and the taste was supposed to be improved. I thought this was pretty cool at the time and very important. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t buy some because they don’t ship internationally or at least they didn’t until VwS helped support that part of their business.

The product itself is said to offer up to 3-4 hours of focused relaxation and that was a bit confusing at first.  The ingredients are healthy (L-Theanine & Ashwagandha) and the product comes with 2 pieces of gum to be chewed together.  When you chew them together the ingredients are passed into your body much faster and the effects take hold very quickly.   

So did 8-12Hz help me and what do I think?

8-12Hz is a frequency of the brain that is like being in the zone in sports, as someone who plays a lot of football I know when I’m in the zone and when I play halo or games in general I can get easily distracted.

The 8-12Hz box is pretty cool and explains what 8-12Hz does.

When I first tried it, I did like the taste but after a while it does get a bit nasty like any gum, luckily the effects aren’t in chewing the gum itself but are the ingredients released from chewing for a few minutes. You don’t have to chew the gum for more than 10 minutes if you don’t want too. 

When I tried it, the effects took a while to kick in initially. I played some Halo and didn’t feel a difference until I noticed myself far more in control and less annoyed at certain things.  I was getting less frustrated and very concentrated on my pushes.  My individual skill has always been good but now it was consistently good every game and my awareness which can be a little shoddy was far better.   Over the weeks I’ve tried 8-12Hz on a lot of First Person Shooters I’ve found the same results every time.

I think 8-12Hz is fantastic and I will be buying more soon to share with friends and family, my next tests will be trying the product for sports. The product is so cheap for its effectiveness and with the VwS code, it makes a lot of sense to at least give it a try. I would really like to see more flavours and to see the 8-12Hz staff at more gaming events.

If you’d like to learn more about 8-12Hz you can visit their various social media below.

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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