Razer Deathstalker Ultimate Keyboard Review

Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - 3:26am : Gaming


The Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard needs it’s own hashtag. The #RDSU is THE keyboard of all keyboards. With the fully programmable Razer Switchblade multi-touch screen built in, fully customizable lighted keys, and spacious design, this keyboard is in a class of it’s own.


The keys are generously spaced and the built in palm rest spans the entire length, making it comfortable for long sessions. The keys have a satin, slightly rubberized, plastic feel. Typing has a smooth responsive chiclet feel and sound. There are five dedicated macros spanning the left side and the function keys also double as volume and media controls. Of course you can customize the the function of every key in the Razer Synapse application. The backlight can be adjusted to any color or brightness of preference, or you can set it to fade through all colors of the spectrum.


The Switchblade touchscreen portion is probably what you imagine, and more. It’s a full function multi-touch mouse with left and right buttons at the bottom. The screen can be used to watch videos or you can place any image as the background. There are also dozens of applications specific to the Switchblade touchscreen. For example, I use the photoshop application for shortcuts and layer management, right in the touchscreen. Above the screen are eight buttons to switch between applications. These buttons can also be customized and serve as multiple functions, depending upon the application.


Overall, this keyboard doesn’t need any hype, just a presentation.

“Where do I get a keyboard like that?”-Everyone.

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

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